Hey Beautiful Soul!! Your coming to this website is a sure sign that we were meant to connect. Welcome to Holistic healing, may you find peace and healing as I share with you all that I have learned and experienced in these years so that the world is a beautiful place for you and me!

About Me

I am Uma Patil, residing in Belgaum, Karnataka.

I am a post-graduate in Dental Science and worked as an academician in Dental Colleges in Bangalore and Belgaum before moving into the world of healing. I am a wellness consultant, a yoga teacher, Reiki grandmaster and hypnotherapist an amalgamation for bringing the mind, body and soul in alignment.

I hope to get connected with you soon to hold space for you on this journey of self discovery.

Wellness for you and me

For me, feeling good from deep within is the simplest definition of wellness! The ability to listen to our own mind and body, to love deeply, to cry and feel good, to experience a good night’s sleep and to wake up smiling ready to embrace another sunny day, is wellness. Wellness for me is to be able to seek joy in the tiniest of things, in the perfectly turned up dish, in the beautiful dress that snugly fits you, in the giggles with your friends and an evening spent with family reminiscing your childhood, in the accomplishment of climbing your way to the fourth floor and the big high five that you give your team when you experience success at work. Wellness is a holistic feeling that can define many things for many people and can be achieved through 

  • Experiencing empathy for all
  • Good eating habits
  • Being mindful of your feelings and emotions
  • Practicing Yoga or meditation
  • Putting your heart and soul into a vocation that you love
  • Pursuing hobbies that excite you
  • Having a close bunch of friends and family who stand up for you
  • Traveling, being close to nature, reading and experiencing life to its fullest

In short, wellness comes when you are aware about your physical, physiological, psychological, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and bring forth harmony in your life. Wellness is not something we reach and stop, it is a choice, a series of actions that we choose that in turn keeps impacting your life continuously. It is a beautiful life in motion.

“My sessions aim to guide you along the journey of self-discovery, like an oar directs the row boat”

How do we do this?

We  hold hands with you on this journey of self-discovery and personal growth and wellbeing.

We create a safe space for you to vent and express your emotions as I help you work through them.

We offer a safety net to face your emotional turmoil and help you to dig deep into your emotional wounds and traumas to resolve them by helping you shift your perspectives.

We  do not offer any quick fix solution or claim to have a panacea for all your problems though I can gently guide you into your journey of self-enquiry.

I am with you in this journey together.

I have been there myself before, facing all the aches and pains, been in tears, falling apart and feeling overwhelmed. But the fact that I stand strong today is proof that I chose my battles wisely.

I knew for sure that every problem has a solution. It is just a matter of time and some hand holding before you find it for yourself. 

Come, join me on this mesmerizing journey of wellness together! Let’s get connected to find ourselves anew


What our clients say

I reached out to Uma as I was in a lot of distress due to situations at home and Life's ups and down. Uma put me at ease in my very first session of spiritual coaching and healing. I felt much lighter and calmer and stopped reacting to situations. Her sessions are worth every penny if you're seeking for peace of mind and a sense of calm. These sessions have helped me feel much calmer and at peace. I am able to voice my truth without fear and have stopped doubting myself and become more decisive in my choices. I would highly recommend these sessions if you're struggling with stresses in your relationships and doubting yourself . Uma has a very positive vibe and just being in her presence induces a sense of calm and trust that everything is going to be ok.

- Jayashree 40yr old mother of two children and a successful homemaker

I approached Uma as I wanted to feel better in myself, find motivation and a direction for my life after a heartbreak and facing conflicts in relationships. I saw huge improvements during and after the sessions. The best part about Uma's sessions are that she holds space in a gentle and non judgemental way to share and discuss issues that you are facing. She also provides tools and techniques to carry forward in life. Her sessions have helped me feel at peace and to trust myself and the universe and let go of my worries. I would highly recommend her sessions if you're struggling with relationship conflicts or looking for a direction in life.

Karishma of 30yrs, Enterpreuner, UAE

I reached out to Uma as I was struggling in my relationship. Constantly doubting myself and others. Sensing a lack of purpose or direction in life. Was anxious insecure and worried about my future. I was dependent on others for my happiness and security. Uma is a very, loving, kind and has vast knowledge in coaching and guiding others. She explained things so beautifully that helped me shift perspectives. She holds a non-judgmental space and allows us to find our answers. Her sessions have helped me find myself and develop self love. Which has helped me improve my relationship. I have become more independent and trust myself and the universe. I am living more in the moment and become more focused. I would highly recommend her services, as she has vast knowledge on these subjects. Initially I had an objection about the number of sessions. I realized that I could see tangible changes only after 5/6 sessions and these positive changes motivated me to deep dive and I also took up her rapid change therapy sessions and the inner child healing work really changed my life and outlook towards it.

Maya of 29yrs, professional, Belgaum